Tuesday, July 21, 2009

happy tuesday everyone

Hope everone is having a great day

2 hot dogs and 1 carb ketchup
yogi cocoa spice tea ,yumm :)

hoping to post more recipes soon
low carb pizza and salad
hoping i have lost some weight soon


  1. Happy Tuesday, Cilla! Though it may be Wednesday when you see this! :-)

    I hope the scale cooperates. How are you feeling on the diet so far? Well, I hope.

  2. im doing ok ,was a little tired at first but better,i did adkins years ago and did well i lost 40 pounds,so hoping to do so again,thank you for stopping by,have a nice Wednesday,hope your dinner went well :)

  3. I was planning to stop by my local Big Lots today to see if they carry your tea. I forgot. Too anxious to get home after a LONG day. I'll have to swing by there this weekend. Thanks for the tip. :)